Young carers Rumble Live Grafham

Start date: 24.10.23 at 1.00pm
End date: 24.10.23 at 3.00pm

Young carers Rumble Live Grafham

Imagine if you could take some of your favourite features from video games like Call of Duty and Fortnite into the real world. With Rumble, you can. Respawns, medic packs, ammo boxes, special weapon upgrades, kill streaks and air strikes are just a few of the things you can expect to experience as you work towards completing your missions – not on a screen – but for real!

You’ll play a variety of games during your time in the arena. At the end of each mission you’ll get to see how you and your team performed on a big screen in the Rangers’ cabin. There are virtual medals awarded for all kinds of things – best shot-to-kill ratio, ‘survivalist’, most trigger happy and top gun to name just a few.

How to book

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