Cam Sight

167 Green End Road

167 Green End Road




United Kingdom

Cam Sight is a local charity embedded in the community, working with 1,800 people living with low vision and blindness in Cambridgeshire. Cam Sight is a life-long resource. Their mission is to support local people of all ages with low vision and blindness to live the lives they choose. They aim to enhance independence, improve wellbeing, and increase inclusion. They bring visually impaired children and families together and support older people with sight loss to remain a valued part of their communities, ensuring they have the information, support, and technology they need to remain independent. They strive to create a society with a positive perception of low vision and bring together local communities and those with sight difficulties to inspire and support each other.

Services: Sensory impairmentVolunteeringCoverage: Cambridge CityEast CambridgeshireFenlandSouth Cambridgeshire