Listening Ear

Listening Ear

Our Listening Ear service gives family carers of all ages the opportunity to talk to one of our trained volunteers on the phone about the things that matter to them for up to a 3 month period. For some carers they benefit from weekly conversations, whereas for others they access the service when they feel they need it.

It gives them the chance to off-load some of their many worries and concerns about their caring role and know that there is someone there to listen. For some carers it can be about the person they care for whereas for others it can be their frustrations with “the system” and for some carers it can just be the chance to talk about anything other than their caring role.

Feedback from carers is that the Listening Ear service hugely helps them to cope with their caring role and reduces the sense of isolation that many carers face.

The Listening Ear service is currently available between 10am-5pm on a Monday but we are actively seeking more volunteers to help us expand this much needed service. We are also able to offer a face-to-face version of the Listening Ear service through our Family Carers Hubs.

To access the Listening Ear service contact us on 01480 499090 or [email protected].

If you would be interested in volunteering with the Listening Ear service please email [email protected] or call 01480 499090.

Page last modified: 12 July 2019