Janice Watson – Rapid Response & Care Co-ordinator Manager

2nd March 17


“I feel passionately about helping family carers before they become burnt out and have a breakdown.
We are there to help them.”

As the Rapid Response & Care Co-ordinator Manger, Janice is responsible for arranging individual care packages for families buying private care, as well as ensuring that emergency cover is provided 24 hours a day by her rapid response team.

She is prepared for any desperate call from a carer who is unable to cope or may need support, providing one of our fully trained carer support workers to cover an emergency, such as going into hospital unexpectedly. Crucially, Janice wants carers to avoid a breakdown which can come any time of the day or night.

Care packages for new clients wishing to use our dedicated and highly skilled carer support workers are created by Janice who arranges an assessment to discuss their needs and monitors the care plan to ensure it is being delivered as requested.

“I support the managers in my team to deliver an excellent level of service to all our clients and co-ordinate the shifts for 24/7 cover, to make sure that someone is always at the end of the phone,” she said.

We support families with dementia, terminal illnesses and disabilities and our team of carer support workers, often the same person, will spend at least an hour during each visit helping in whatever way is needed – from cooking and shopping to assisting with personal care needs and helping put the cared-for person to bed. Sometimes they just want to know someone is there and listening.

This support in the home enables the family carer to have a break from their caring responsibilities, referring them to our carer support staff for a Carers’ Assessment as well as providing advice and information.

“I feel passionately about helping family carers before they become burnt out and have a breakdown. We are there to help them,” said Janice.

It is a job that brings great job satisfaction, particularly when arranging much needed respite for exhausted carers under the Family Carers’ Prescription or a What If? Plan for emergency cover is activated.

“Are you an angel?” one overjoyed woman asked Janice who called to offer her a Family Carers’ Prescription respite break.

“I could sense a great feeling of relief from her, that my call meant so much to her and couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Janice.

“On another occasion a GP contacted us at 2am saying he had been called to a patient who had to be admitted into hospital, asking if we could send someone to be with his wife who has dementia and could not be left alone.  We were able to support the family that night.”

Janice joined Carers Trust Cambridgeshire 10 years ago, having previously worked as a teaching assistant, it was her passion for wanting to care for others that led her to change careers.

She worked at our groups for children with disabilities before becoming a Rapid Responder, responding at short notice to provide care needs, and was later promoted to coordinator for the emergency Rapid Responder calls and the What If? Plan.  Her responsibilities now include being our Care Co-ordinator Manager.

“We are flexible with our care packages,” added Janice. “We have just made a one-off plan for a man who has to go into hospital and needs 3 days and 3 nights of carer support to look after his wife who has dementia as she wants to remain in her home. This gives him great peace of mind and we are delighted to support them both this way.”

Janice also supports our Carer Support Workers based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, as well as the hospital’s discharge team in arranging care packages in patients’ homes to prevent bed blocking.


* We are currently recruiting Rapid Responders. If you would like to join Janice’s team and make a difference to the lives of families we support, see here for full details.  You can also phone 01480 499090 or email [email protected].