Graham talks about his volunteer role with us

27th May 21

Volunteers WeekAs part of Volunteers’ Week we are looking at the role of our volunteers and celebrating their contributions – how their work benefits carers looking after a family member or friend, and how they also benefit from their roles.

You can watch and listen to Graham talk about what it’s like being a volunteer with our Listening ear service, “I like volunteering because it gives me a sense of purpose. I think it’s good for my mental health as well, being able to phone up and talk to people and hopefully help them in some small way. It makes me feel good, it makes them feel good, and, yes, so a lot of satisfaction.”

“The best part of my role is when people say ‘Oh thank you, that’s helped’.”

See what he had to say here:

If you would like to find out more about ways in which you could get involved and join our volunteer team please do contact our volunteer coordinator Annie at [email protected]

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