Children’s Saturday Clubs

Children’s Saturday Clubs

We run six Saturday Clubs for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities and other additional needs. Each club runs fortnightly and takes place at Castle School, Cambridge; Bargroves Centre, St Neots and Highfield School, Ely.

Each group offers children a safe, caring and fun environment in which they are able to flourish and develop independence and social skills and have fun. Activities are planned to enhance a range of skills and to encourage choice, socialisation and independence.

Activities include arts and crafts, indoor play, toys and games, sensory stimulation and play, sports and outdoor play, music, dance and imaginary play. The young people are encouraged to lead the direction of their group and plan additional opportunities which have included, supervised trips to the shop and picnics at the local park.

Location Club Map Age Time
Castle School, Cambridge Sunshine Yellow 5-11 years 9am-12.30pm
Castle School, Cambridge Sunshine Blue 5-11 years 9am-12.30pm
Castle School, Cambridge C2 11-19 years 9am-12.30pm
Castle School, Cambridge C3 11-19 years 9am-12.30pm
Bargroves Centre, St Neots St Neots Stars 8-19 years 10.30pm-1.30pm
Highfield Ely Academy, Ely Ely Rainbow Group 5-19 years 10am-12pm

How to apply for a place

Referrals to all of the groups are made via the Cambridge County Council Contact Centre, Children & Young People’s Services rather than through us. They will discuss with you eligibility criteria and funding for the appropriate group.

If you are interested in a place, please contact them on 0345 045 5203.

Want to know more?

We welcome the chance to discuss our groups and the activities available in more detail with you, either before or after a referral has been made through the contact centre.

Please contact us on 0345 241 0954 or email [email protected].

Page last modified: 14 July 2019