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Your company supporting carers

Every day 600 people leave their jobs because they are also looking after a family member or friend who is disabled, frail or has a long-term illness. Across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, there are 178,000 unpaid carers.

Three in five of us will become a carer at some point in our lives and it often happens suddenly. Someone with no training may find themselves showering, dressing, feeding and toileting a loved one. They may be up through the night helping the person they look after.

When it becomes too much to cope with, a carer will give up their job.

  • As an employer, you lose an experienced and valued member of staff
  • As an employee, they lose their income, sense of purpose, and social time with colleagues

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

How can Caring Together help?

We can help your company become more carer-friendly, retaining staff and attracting new staff with your commitment to supporting a diverse workforce:

  • We can work with you so that managers and staff are more aware of what a carer is, the pressures they may be under, and the small changes that can make a big difference for carers.
  • We can talk you through our Carer-Friendly Tick award scheme (already held by employers such as Fosters Solicitors, Norwich) to see if this is something you would like to apply for
  • We can send you our regular email newsletter Inside News which tells you about local support for the carers on your team (including our helpline, events and emergency planning services)
  • We can discuss ideas to get your team involved in supporting a local charity serving your local community

Why is this important?

  • Retain experienced and valued staff
  • By becoming more aware of carers and their needs, and making some simple changes, you could prevent someone from feeling forced to leave your company. This benefits you and your team member.
  • Become a more attractive recruiter
  • Even if someone is not a carer now, knowing that in the future you will be a supportive employer, makes you more attractive to potential new staff. You will have the edge when you are trying to attract talented new staff members.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Show your customers, staff and the local community that you are committed to supporting a diverse workforce, including those who juggle work and caring responsibilities.

To find out more please contact us on [email protected]