Ramadan during the coronavirus crisis

This Ramadan is very different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are finding this Ramadan an unusual time you are not alone and there is support available. If you are involved in looking after someone we are here for you. It might be a family member, partner or friend who you look after, and they may need your care because of an illness, frailty, disability, or any other reason.

Being a carer may well have become what you think of as a normal part of your life. At Caring Together we continue  provide information and advice, run services in our local communities and campaign for carers’ rights, so that carers have choices.

If you want to know more about how we are doing this during the coronavirus crisis see www.caringtogether.org/coronavirus-covid-19 and below you can find more information that may be of use during Ramadan.

Support with mental health

The Lantern Initiative hold mental health events, seminars and workshops primarily for Muslims but also for the wider community. Working to raise awareness, break the stigma surrounding mental health and empowering Muslim communities.

You can find out more by following them on social media:

The NHS and Ramadan

Find out more at www.england.nhs.uk/blog/our-nhs-people-ramadan-and-covid-19/

Cambridge Central Mosque

You can click here to see an ITV Anglia report on how Cambridge Central Mosque is doing things differently

Or go to cambridgecentralmosque.org/ to find out more about the mosque.