Carers emergency fund

We are pleased to have a support fund available for carers aged 16+ during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

This grant programme has been made possible because of funding from Carers Trust. It means we can provide quick support to carers aged 16+, helping to address the emergencies and difficult situations the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has created.

We have a limited amount of money, so grants are only available while there is still money available in the fund.

Funding has been awarded by Carers Trust to award grants in May 2020 and we expect the fund will be spent by Tuesday 19 May at the latest – there is no guarantee that funds will be available for June or July 2020.

Applications will be reviewed twice a week on a Tuesday (cut-off 5pm Monday) and a Thursday (cut-off 12pm Thursday), whilst funds are still available. Decisions will be based on what will make the most difference given the money available.

Key information

Carers aged 16 and above from Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk can apply for small grants to help to address the emergencies and difficult situations the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has created.

Examples of eligible items and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase of household items
  • Assistance with the purchase of food
  • Purchase of laptops, tablets and software
  • Essential home repairs (that cannot wait for the restrictions to be lifted)
  • Purchase of mobile phone equipment or data allowances
  • Transport costs associated with essential journeys (e.g. to purchase food, pick up or drop off medication)
  • Purchase of resources/equipment to support the carer’s physical/emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis.

It is helpful to be clear about what this fund will not support from the outset:

  • Grants for young carers (aged 5-15)
  • Utility bills and payments such as gas, electricity and water
  • Credit card bills or debt repayments
  • Long term replacement care
  • Specialised equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Motor vehicles and their maintenance.

How to apply

It will help if you can provide quotes or links where possible to show the costs (although it is not essential as, if successful, you will be required to submit receipts to show the money was used for the purpose awarded).

When will you hear back?

When you apply, we will reply to confirm receipt of your application and give an indication of when you will hear back. We hope to communicate decisions by the end of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What happens if you are successful?

  • If you are successful, we will contact you to confirm you accept the offer of the award (particularly in the case of partial awards).
  • Payments will be made by BACS – this will be to the carer, unless it makes more sense to pay directly to an organisation. Payments need to go through our accounts department.
  • Once you have purchased what the grant was awarded for, you will need to provide a receipt. Failure to provide a receipt or satisfactory proof of purchase may result in Caring Together seeking to reclaim the money awarded.

We would also appreciate, although this is not mandatory, a short summary of how the grant has helped you so we can feedback and thank the funders. This also helps us to secure future funding pots.

More information

If you have any questions about this grant, or wish to check about the status of your application, please contact Jill Nooij [email protected]