How we have listened and acted

How we have listened and acted

On this page you can find examples of how we have responded to carer voice and involvement.

You said… We did…
You told us the COVID-19 pandemic has had a big effect on your mental health.


We sourced more funding to increase our Listening Ear support and introduced a new counselling service.


That you would rather more staff were available on the Norfolk advice line during the week.


We changed our advice line from seven day to six days a week so that more staff are available when carers are looking for support.


You said that when the person you care for passes away, you don’t want to miss out on friendships with carers you had built.


We have made our hubs and activities available to both carers and bereaved carers.


That you were looking for something to evidence that you are a carer when challenged or asked to show you have a carer role.


We changed our “What If?” card into a dual-purpose carer card.


Page last modified: 1 July 2021